The CHLG is the brainchild of Anne Breitbarth, George Walkden, and Sheila Watts. Most of the funding came from the Hercules Foundation in the form of a medium-size infrastructure grant, which was taken over by the Flemish research foundation FWO.


Hercules AUGE13/02 / FWO G0F2614N

Principal and co-investigators:

Prof. Dr. Anne Breitbarth

Prof. Dr. Veronique Hoste

Prof. Dr. Liliane Haegeman


Research assistents/associates

Dr. Hannah Booth

Dr. Aaron Ecay

Dr. Melissa Farasyn

Mariya Koleva


External advisers

Prof. Dr. George Walkden (Konstanz)

Dr. Sheila Watts (Cambridge)

Prof. Dr. Svetlana Petrova (Wuppertal)


Partner project

Referenzkorpus Mittelniederdeutsch / Niederrheinisch (1200-1650) (ReN)